Nutrition Programs and Related Services

Employee Health Plan members can participate in a variety of optional nutrition and weight management programs that are offered through Cleveland Clinic and the Regional hospitals. Some programs require a minimum number of participants for the program to take place.

Nutrition Program Guidelines & How to Get Started

The Employee Health Plan will pay for the  following Programs for EHP members only. Questions? Contact us. 

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Integrated Medical Weight Management Program

A comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to weight management and long-term weight loss using Shared Medical Appointments. Geared toward individuals struggling with obesity and having a BMI of 30 or more. To learn more about this program please call the Diabetes Center at Cleveland Clinic at 216.444.3672 to schedule your consultation or review the program brochure.

eCoaching Weight Management Program

A 180-day program designed to help participants lose weight and reduce waist size to improve health and vitality while eliminating hidden health risks. The program involves interactive email exchanges between the participant and the health coach they are paired with for the duration of the 6-month program. Each health coach is a part of our team of medical and non-medical professionals.  


We coach each participant through the program by email. Goals are set on an individual level with each coach, and the email correspondences are used to help reach those goals through sustainable lifestyle changes. The participant records their daily steps and includes this number—along with food choices—in their email each day to their coach.


Convenience of email makes program flexible to fit your schedule, you can send emails at any time.  You do not have to attend any meetings like other in-person weight loss programs.  You will receive personalized emails from your health coach with consistent motivation, accountability, and trust. You will receive tips and guidance on recipes, nutrition, grocery shopping lists, and much more!

Get started!

Eat Well Group Weight Management Program

Eat Well is a group weight management program that focuses on food choices and portion sizes, mindful eating, and promotion of a healthy lifestyle including stress management, adequate physical activity and good sleep habits. This program’s cost is covered by EHP.                          

Program Basics

  • 10 week commitment (must attend at least 7/10 classes for full reimbursement from EHP) 
  • Program focuses on nutrition education, mindful eating, behavior monitoring and modification, and lifestyle factors (stress, sleep, physical activity)
  • Participants set self-directed, measurable goals
  • Groups are small, with up to 8 participants for the virtual setting.  Class is about 45 minutes and time is spent learning, interacting, and goal setting. 

Special information for this Virtual Spring Quarter 2021:

  • The appointments will be via MyChart Virtual through Zoom. This means you’ll open up your MyChart, click on the appointment, and it will be run through a secure platform via Zoom. 
  • No aspect of this class series will be in person during this virtual Winter Quarter. All education materials will be sent to you electronically, with no in-person appointments. 
  • Signing up for Eat Well means you are committing to attending at least 7 of 10 classes in the session you select.
  •  Cost of Eat Well is still 100% covered by EHP, with no co-pays. 
  • Required weekly weigh-ins will be virtual – per EHP requirements, you will be required to send your dietitian facilitator your private weekly weight and include a weekly matching photo of your scale reading itself (toes visible). This enables us to count your verbal weight as an official weigh in, and is required for anyone participating in Virtual Eat Well.
  • You will need a reliable high speed internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone at the time of class each week, and to have the free program “Zoom” installed on your device/computer.
  • There will still be the group dynamic with group discussion, as everyone will be visible via webcam.

Day of the Week

Start Date-End Date
(please note skipped dates)


Max Class Size

Dietitian Facilitator
ThursdaysJuly 8-Sept 23 (no class 7/29 and 8/5)
TuesdaysJuly 6-Sept 21 (no class 7/13 and 8/17)
WednesdaysJuly 14-Sept 22 (no class 8/4)
WednesdaysJuly 7 – Sept 15 (no class 8/4)

Virtual Eat Well Eligibility Criteria

  • BMI of 27 or above (BMI criteria may be waived for past participants of Eat Well who have achieved a lower BMI)
  • Enrolled in Employee Health Plan (Both employees and spouses on EHP are eligible)
  • Enrolled in MyChart, access to high-speed Internet during appointment time, and willing to email weights to dietitian facilitator with attached photo of scale reading every week (10 week program); able to commit to attending at least 7 of 10 classes

Meet the eligibility criteria?  Email to get scheduled.

Please confirm you meet all three criteria, identify your preferred class session, and include your birthday and full name.

Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) Diet Program

The Protein Sparing Modified Fast (PSMF) is designed for rapid weight loss and incorporates medical, nutritional, and behavioral components. The goal of this diet is to reach an appropriate body weight as determined by your physician and dietitian.

Be Well Kids Clinic 

Be Well Kids Clinic works with children (ages 2 to 20) and their families to develop strategies and create plans for a healthy lifestyle change.  The EHP is offering a $100 incentive to participants in the Be Well Kids Clinic that meet the following requirements the first year enrolled.  (start date is first completed PCP visit):

  • Completion of the EHP Weight Management Program Application
  • Completion of a Primary Care Provider (PCP) visit, which will include a physical
  • Completion of five Be Well Kids Clinic visits
  • Maintenance of BMI Z score from the initial PCP visit to the completion of the fifth visit in the Be Well Kids Clinic
  • Requirements for subsequent years will be conducted with your physician or primary care provider

* Applications are due with 10 days from the time you sign up for the program.  Failure to complete the application will result in non-payment of the program and financial responsibility will become the member's.

Follow this link for detailed information on the program

Nutrition Services

Consults with a Registered Dietician are sometimes recommended by your physician or perhaps your Care Coordinator to help manage a chronic condition.  Nutrition services are covered by the Employee Health Plan. Refer to your Summary Plan Description for the in-network requirements for your plan.