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The Cleveland Clinic Employee Health Plan (EHP) offers employees several comprehensive benefits program. We have developed a wide range of resources to help support the health and well-being of you and your dependents.

Provider Network, Medical Benefits & Summary Plan Description

For your convenience, the EHP offers a two-tier provider network for our Ohio members. Get an in-depth explanation of the provider networks available to you.

Learn More About our Provider Network and View Your Summary Plan Description (SPD) Maximize Savings Within the Tier 1 Network

Employee Health Plan Prescription Drug Benefit

As an EHP member, you have access to a comprehensive drug benefit. Understand your coverage as you research safe, effective and value-based prescription drug therapy.

Learn More About Your Coverage

Coordination of Benefits (COB)

If you or an eligible dependent are covered by more than one healthcare insurance policy (including Medicare), you’ll pay healthcare expenses through the COB process. Learn when and how to complete the COB form.

Learn More About the COB Process

Deductibles & Out-of-Pocket Expenses

As with any healthcare plan, there are deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses to be met each benefit period. Access the EHP services available to you and your responsibility for each.

View the Expenses Here

Find a Provider/Facility

Access the entire Cleveland Clinic Quality Alliance network of providers. You can search by provider name or perform an advanced search by location.

Find a Provider/Facility Near You