Find A Provider/Facility

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The Employee Health Plan partners with Aetna and UMR

The Employee Health Plan offers high quality networks of providers and facilities through two Third Party Administrators; Aetna and UMR

To receive maximum coverage, you must use an in network provider. It is your responsibility to verify and obtain the most current network participation each time services are obtained.  

We don't require you to choose a PCP, but we urge you to select one.  View more information about the importance of having a PCP. 

Finding a provider is simple. Instructions for registering with your Third Party Administrator are located below.

Register with Aetna

(EHP and EHP Plus, ONA, USW, Main Campus Residents and Fellows)

Using these directions, register on

Once registered, you will have access to your specific plan directory.

Aetna Health

Register with UMR

(Florida Weston)

Using these directions, register on UMR.    Once registered, you will have access to your Cleveland Clinic Florida specific Tier 1 network. This network includes Cleveland Clinic Florida providers as well the Cleveland Clinic Quality Alliance network in Cleveland. You will also have access to the Tier 2 UMR United Healthcare Choice Plus network.